"Growing A Culture of Food Sovereignty" - podcast

Fergus Walker
15th August, 2015

In the last week of July Common Good Food hosted four talks and discussions at the Edinburgh Food Festival. If you missed the talk, or you want to listen again - now you can! This was our Friday talk, with the founders of CGF, Mags, Eva and Fergus, speaking about our work, with some good questions at the end.


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Food in Common – Event at Dundee Commons Festival

Fergus Walker
11th August, 2015

Fergus Walker will be leading a discussion at this event on Common Good Food's exciting new idea - the Community Croft.

Food in Common – Opportunities, Challenges and Resources

Tuesday 25th Aug, 14.30 – 17.30 – FREE workshop and discussion - go here for more details

An opportunity to meet and share insights with Dundee’s growing food network. In conversation with Dundee Urban Orchard, Dundee Social Enterprise, Faith in Community Dundee, Dundee...

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Supporting the Scottish Government's Non-GM Policy

Mags Hall
11th August, 2015

An open letter from Scottish civil society in support of the Scottish Government's decision to ban the growing of GM crops in Scotland

We are writing in support of the Scottish Government’s decision to ban the growing of GM crops in Scotland, reinforcing its long-standing moratorium.

We believe that this policy reflects a broad consensus across civil society in...

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A tale of two countries

Eva Schonveld
26th May, 2015

Whichever side of the Border you live, it is the best of times for the haves, and the worst of times for the have-nots. But the two governments north and south have very different views about why this is happening and what to do about it. Since the Scottish Primavera, it’s not just policies which have diverged; increasingly, there is a different narrative and worldview north of the Border.

Take food: Holyrood’s resolutely anti-GM while Westminster wants farmers to have the choice to grow GM crops. Westminster’s overall approach to food policy is laissez-faire; while the Scottish...

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Why is Scotland so shy about growing her own seeds?

Fergus Walker
7th May, 2015


seed kist

Convening a national seed gathering to move towards greater seed sovereignty for Scotland

Seeds are the starting point for almost all the vegetables we eat, and in terms of food sovereignty, seeds (next after land) are the most powerful resource we need to keep within our control. In Scotland at the moment, this isn’t the case – but we believe it could...

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